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"Good Girls, Bad Girls of the New Testament"

"What the Bible Really Tells Us"

"Good Girls, Bad Girls"

"The Birth of Satan"

"Surviving the Death of a Sibling"

"Grief Dreams"

The Books

Good Girls, Bad Girls of the New Testament by T.J. Wray

Good Girls, Bad Girls of the New Testament takes readers on a powerful journey through the vast landscape of Roman-occupied Judea during the first century and the genesis of Christianity. This landscape serves as the backdrop for twelve amazing stories of women whose paths intersect, either by providence or design, with the paths of Jesus or Paul. Some of these women are familiar, such as Mary, the mother of Jesus, while others, like the wife of the infamous Pontius Pilate, are lesser known. Whether she is popular or obscure, good or bad, each woman’s story is an important part of the overall Christian narrative.


What the Bible Really Tells Us

The Bible is the foundational text for Jews and Christians, but most people, having little knowledge of what it actually says, feel less than comfortable navigating its pages. What the Bible Really Tells Us solves this problem, providing a thorough, yet accessible, guide to the Good Book and the ways in which it can enrich one’s life.


Good Girls, Bad Girls by T.J. Wray

The few popular Bible stories about women are often presented in black and white-the women were good or bad, Ruth or Jezebel. But most of us fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Good Girls, Bad Girls invites readers to take a more nuanced look at twelve women in the Old Testament, to explore their lives more deeply in the historical context, and to grasp what these stories can mean to women today.


Good Girls, Bad Girls by T.J. Wray

"Kobiety Starego Testamentu" is a Polish translation of "Good Girls, Bad Girls" published by Swiety Wojciech Publishers, Poland. 2011.


The Birth of Satan by T.J. Wray

In The Birth of Satan, T.J. Wray and Gregory Mobley explore how and why a rather innocuous Old Testament character morphed into The Titan of Evil. Wray and Mobley guide the reader through subjects ranging from the Old Testament to contemporary belief systems.


Surviving the Death of a Sibling by T.J. Wray

When T.J. Wray lost her 43-year-old brother, her grief was deep and enduring and, she soon discovered, not fully acknowledged. Despite the longevity of adult sibling relationships, surviving siblings are often made to feel as if their grief is somehow unwarranted.


Grief Dreams by T.J. Wray

The universal experience of grief dreams can help us heal after the death of a loved one. In this book, T. J. Wray and Ann Back Price show how dreams can be affirming, consoling, enlightening, and inspiring.