Good Girls, Bad Girls

Good Girls, Bad Girls

Reviews and Endorsements of "Good Girls, Bad Girls"

Good Girls, Bad Girls, is a wonderful, lively book that is based on good Bible scholarship but is far from pedantic. Wray shows how important women in the Bible subverted their patriarchal culture, and were tacitly acclaimed for doing so by the biblical writers. Without whitewashing the violent elements in the stories, she makes these figures come to life as key actors in Israel's faith and history.

Lisa Sowle Cahill, Monan Professor of Theology, Boston College

Wray's lively and well-written presentation of the women of the Old Testament will make readers wonder how they could have overlooked these extraordinary women and their stories. And for once, the good girls are as complex and interesting as the bad ones. Wray shows how these stories will not permit any simple moralizing about these women. Their own struggles to survive and flourish in a world often stacked against them truly provide 'enduring lessons' for women attempting to make sense of their lives today.

Carol A. Newsom, Emory University

Good Girls, Bad Girls is a lively, informative, and thoughtful presentation of twelve of the most fascinating female figures in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Wray looks at these women with fresh eyes and describes them in clear and engaging language. She succeeds admirably not only in explaining the ancient context of the biblical narratives about these women but also in providing sensitive insights into the contemporary relevance of their stories.

Carol Meyers, Duke University

T.J. Wray's book presents some of the most important women of the Hebrew Bible in a context that brings them to life. A must-read for every student of the Bible.

Rabbi Richard Freund, Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies, University of Hartford

Good Girls, Bad Girls is one great book. T.J. Wray's gripping style makes the twelve women about whom she writes come alive. Making Wray's narrative even more meaningful is the fact that it is based on solid biblical scholarship and is faithful to the biblical narrative. To all this, Wray adds a powerful contemporary reflection for those who read this book with the intention of learning about life from the stories of twelve fascinating women.

Raymond F. Collins, The Catholic University of America, Brown University