What the Bible Really Tells Us

What the Bible Really Tells Us


T.J. Wray's What the Bible Really Tells Us provides the general public and undergraduates in Bible and Religion courses everywhere with a step by step introductory level text in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament that is perfect for the present crop of readers. Her wry sense of humor and years of teaching expertise come through and the book also untangles some of the most vexing problems of theology, ethics, and society in an easily readable style. A great addition to a personal or institutional library!

Richard Freund, director, Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies, University of Hartford.

T. J. Wray has done it again! With a remarkable blend of biblical knowledge, human insight, and literary skill, she has hit a '10' on the scale in interpreting the Bible for people who have great interest yet relatively little knowledge. How can anyone forget what the Bible has to say about our future, money, sex, the world in which we live, what is fair, and our relationship with God? Perhaps no one but What the Bible Really Tells Us comes to remind us about realities that we dare not forget.

Raymond F. Collins, visiting scholar, Brown University

Honed from years of excellent teaching, TJ Wray's clarifying guide to biblical literacy is both witty and profound. Now, her readers get the benefit of her compelling classroom instruction and will love her as much as those students do!

Robin M. Jensen, Luce Chancellor’s Professor of the History of Christian Art and Worship, Vanderbilt University

TJ Wray's What the Bible Really Tells Us is a fascinating, trip through all the basics of Biblical scholarship. Wray writes in an engaging accessible style that is perfect for the average reader who knows something about the Bible but little about the mysteries of what Bible scholars have uncovered in their work over the past two centuries. Wray makes the critical, academic, study of the Scriptures an enlightening but always enjoyable journey. She pulls the readers in from the first chapter and never lets them go with practical stories and examples but plenty of solid content. This book is perfect for the average reader as well as ideal for basic courses in the Bible at the college level.

James A. Tabor, chair, Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; author of The Jesus Dynasty

Book Description

The Bible is the foundational text for Jews and Christians, but most people, having little knowledge of what it actually says, feel less than comfortable navigating its pages. What the Bible Really Tells Us solves this problem, providing a thorough, yet accessible, guide to the Good Book and the ways in which it can enrich one's life.

Opening with a 60-Second Super-Easy Bible Quiz to test your knowledge, author T.J. Wray then provides essential background information to arm readers with the tools necessary to read and interpret passages on their own. And, with these tools in hand, Wray helps readers explore what the Bible really says about key issues today, including:

What the Bible Really Tells Us is an indispensable guide for individuals and groups interested in gaining a fuller understanding of the Bible and the timeless lessons it imparts.